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"What is organic"

Organic farming is an agricultural system where the fertilizers are of organic origin which is derived mostly from plant and animal wastes and uses ecologically based pest control.

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                Why Organic

  • Organic farming encourages the availability of soil fauna and flora, improving soil formation and structure, greatly reducing the risk of groundwater pollution and creating a more stable system.

  • Organic farming gives huge benefits for long run farming as it is more profitable with environmental friendly pollinators, and delivers equally/more nutritious food with fewer pesticide residues. 

  • Design and management of the production system are critical to the success of the farm and organic farming can be a promising method for farmers however, there are many challenges.

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"Our aim is to help you build and design an effective system with direct approaches to solving management and production problems"

   Challenges in organic

Farmers need to reach certain standards locally and internationally.

Direct inputs on applying natural fertilizer, soil fertility, weeds control and GMOs.

Pursuing international harmonisation of standard and certification

Developing locally applicable solutions to production constraints such as weeds and soil fertility.

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