Hydroponics Farming

We are here to provide proper knowledge and technical support to farmers and business-related using 

new hydroponic methods with the end goal to increase efficiency and yield.


"What Is Hydroponic"

Do plants grow without soil? Yes, although in the old day's plants were grown only in soil. Today plants are cultivated without soil by using hydroponics farming knowledge.

Growing plants without soil by using nutrient-rich solutions to feed the plants and the roots are supported by different growing mediums is known as hydroponic.


Why Hydroponic Farming

  • Can grow anywhere all year round

  • Grow faster than the traditional farming

  • No weeds and fewer pest

  • Chemical-free and eco-friendly 

  • Less water need

  • Used water can be filtered and reused

  • Higher productivity 

  • Effective nutrient management

What you should know about hydroponic methods

There are many ways of designing hydroponic systems, but the main elements are the same

What do you need for a hydroponic system

Water: Need balanced pH and adjust the acidity of water

Root support: Can be used vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, coconut fiber, rock wool, wood fiber, rice husk, and sand

Nutrients:  Need plenty of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, and other nutrients to stay healthy

Light: Fluorescent grow light, HID light, LED light

Growing high-value lettuce with 85 to 90
Vertical farming technique growing at A&

What systems are used in hydroponics

  • Wick hydroponics

  • Nutrient film technique (NFT)

  • Deep water culture (DWC)

  • Drip hydroponics

  • Ebb and flow system (Flood and Drain)

  • Aeroponics

What can you grow with hydroponics

You can grow anything but not all are giving higher productivity. There are some common plants grown by this farming system.

  • Vegetables: Lettuces, Tomatoes, Radishes, Kael, Cucumber, Spinaches, Beans, Celery

  • Herbs: Chives, Basil, Mints, Rosemary, Oregano 

  • Fruits: Strawberries, Blueberries, Peppers, 


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Is it worth  investing on a hydroponics farm?

As hydroponic farming is an automated systems and controlled environment with specific set up which is costly. But to make it profitable, you have to do your market research like:

What you want to grow?

Where will you sell? 

What will be the price?

How much will you grow everyday?


How to maximize the yield through hydroponics farms

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