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Remouse Registration Codes valvan




I have no idea, I don't use Registrars, so not a proper answer Thank you for your help, I'll ask in #ubuntu-server as well. MaxSan, the final suggestion was to use bitlocker bazhang, I got it working by disabling bitlocker, then going into BIOS and changing the boot mode from UEFI to legacy I had to install the bootloader manually by pointing it to the install disk then it worked! I'll post the steps on the forum I have to do that every time I install Ubuntu because I have a new HDD with Windows bazhang, do you know if UEFI BIOS has an option to disable bitlocker? there is one in Windows for legacy, but not in UEFI MaxSan, that is not ubuntu, you are using ubuntu there isn't an option in Windows to disable bitlocker. bazhang, not really. I do dual boot I have Windows and Ubuntu MaxSan, #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here I posted my solution for Ubuntu in #ubuntu-server bazhang, ok sorry. Anyways thanks for the help. The wifi was acting up I had to get a live cd to get connected, any ideas how to fix it, cant ssh or ping it. proxx_79: run this command and let me know when it's done: "iwconfig | pastebinit" Ben64: what should I do next? proxx_79: give me the url to that pastebin ok So I just plug in ethernet and update the package list and it should be fixed? yep its plugging in the card now and there is a light



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Remouse Registration Codes valvan
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